Are You Adapting and Changing with Your Customers and Your Market?

If you're determined to grow, you can take action to thrive in these challenging times.

"In the world we live in today, you have to adapt and change. One of my fears is being this big, slow, constipated, bureaucratic company that's happy with its success. That will wind up being your death in the end."

- Nike CEO Mark Parker in Fast Company

Discover How to Attract, Win, and Keep More Profitable Customers

The digital revolution and the slow economy are forcing changes in markets and in buyer behavior. You can use these changes as an opportunity to transform your sales and marketing. Rather than business as usual, now is the time to evaluate your sales force and to assess your marketing . If market turmoil is forcing you to find better ways to earn and keep good customers, take a moment now to learn how you can attract, win, and grow more profitable customers. Here are four areas that separate thriving firms from struggling ones:

  1. Provide Compelling Value Customers Really Want and Train Your Sales Force to Win on Value instead of cutting your precious margins.

  2. Hire Top Sales People and Develop a High Performance Sales Team instead of hiring ineffective sales people, hoping they succeed, and tolerating poor results.

  3. Align Sales and Marketing to Generate Sales-Ready Leads instead of dumping poorly qualified leads on Sales and complaining that they only follow up with 20%.

  4. Implement a Relationship Marketing System to retain customers, build loyalty and generate referrals. Losing customers and missing opportunities is too expensive in these challenging times.

Provide Compelling Value Customers Really Want

  • Are you attracting and winning profitable customers, or do you look just like other vendors to your prospects?
  • Do you know what your customers and prospects really want?
  • Do your products or services offer compelling value to your customers?

Assess Your Value Proposition

Customer Focused Value FoundationIf you don't provide compelling value to customers and prospects, you often compete on price to win and keep customers. Discounting kills your margins and damages your reputation.

Discover how to connect with and win profitable customers. Request our free report: How to Out Smart, Out Market, and Out Sell your competition

Hire Great Salespeople and Develop a High Performance Sales Force 

  • How much is sales force turnover and under achievement really costing you?
  • Are ALL of your salespeople making quota?
  • Is hiring salespeople risky and inconsistent, or do you have a proven salesperson hiring process that  insures you hire top performers?

See how proven tools and an easy to implement sales hiring process will help you hire top salespeople more than 90% of the time.

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How to Hire Top Salespeople


Implement a Relationship Marketing System

  • Are too many prospects falling through the cracks? (it's common to lose 40% to 80% of your prospects)

  • Do Marketing and Sales work together to attract, educate, nurture, win, and grow customers, or is the lack of teamwork causing waste and frustration?

  • How many of your customers feel neglected? (only paying attention to the top 20% means you will lose the other 80% prematurely)

Assess Your Marketing Effectiveness

Learn how Relationship Marketing Systems  nurture relationships, improve productivity, prevent follow up failure, and increase accountability .

  • Build your sales pipeline up to 306%

  • Increase customer retention by 25%

  • Grow revenue up to 260%

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