Trinity Marketing Systems helps clients attract, win and grow, more profitable customers. We are committed to helping our clients transform their sales and marketing practices for breakthrough results. We have discovered multiple practices that each produce a 10 to 1 ROI or greater, make a business easier to run, and increase the value of the business significantly. Trinity clients gain greater profitability, predictability, and peace of mind in their business.


Tuck Mixon founded Trinity Marketing Systems in 2004. Tuck helps CEOs, business owners, and sales leaders tackle their sales challenges. He helps leaders build strong sales teams that win profitable customers.

  • Tuck's sales development expertise helps leaders solve their most challenging sales force issues.
  • Trinity's proven sales hiring and onboarding processes insure that new salespeople not only are a great fit for their sales role, but they also help salespeople ramp-up quickly and become profitable contributors as soon as possible.
  • Finally, Trinity helps clients become customer focused so they attract better customers and spend less to acquire them.

Tuck earned his MBA from the University of Michigan, and he has worked in or for companies ranging from IBM to small manufacturers to entrepreneurial professionals. His work has led to millions in additional revenue and profit. Tuck has been fascinated with business since his first internship in 1982. While he has spent his career in sales and marketing, early exposure to the Toyota Production System gave him an appreciation for the power of better processes and the breakthrough results they achieve.  If something is not working like it used to, the process is either flawed, obsolete, or ignored. Tuck applies this principle to the work he does with his sales and marketing clients.

Tuck believes there is always a better way to sell and market your product or service. He sees the internet as a powerful force for both buyers and sellers, and he thinks it is a grave threat to unethical or complacent businesses.

Tuck frequently leads webinars on Sales Force Development and Sales Hiring. Contact Tuck if you're interested in hiring or developing winning salespeople, solving sales and marketing challenges, increasing customer loyalty, earning more profitable customers, or growing your business with less stress. If you have a target goal in mind, but you are challenged about how to actually achieve it, call 763-390-0814 and schedule a free confidential consultation.

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