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You know what is really important to your customers, (from asking them regularly), and you have improved your products and services to meet your customers’ priorities better than the competition.
Your marketing materials communicate the specific challenges your clients face (including the home and landing pages on your web site), and they communicate the costs of ignoring these challenges and the benefits customers get by doing business with you.
You have a Value Proposition that attracts the customers you want and separates your business from competitors. Your customers value what makes your company unique, special or different.
You have calculated the Lifetime Value of your good customers, and you spend enough time and money on current customers to not only prevent customer defection, but also to develop loyal customers that recommend you.
You have identified and targeted the good prospects in your market, and you market to them directly and consistently. Rather than winging it, you have an executable marketing plan for building your reputation, strengthening your relationships, and meeting your goals (less than 20% have a strategic marketing plan).
Your reputation is growing; both prospects and customers in your market recognize your firms's experts as trusted advisors or thought leaders. Common marketing tools include white papers, case studies, e-books, podcasts, webinars, videos, and assessments.
You have determined the best lead generation tools for reaching your targets, and you have implemented online and offline tactics that really work. You track, test and improve your marketing campaigns. You know your cost per lead and cost per sale.
Instead of allowing 80% of leads and prospects to fall through the cracks, you nurture and educate the prospects not ready to buy, and you use a system to build relationships, trust, credibility, awareness, and interest with prospects and customers. This Relationship Marketing System is mostly automated, so it requires minimal effort from salespeople.
Sales focuses more on qualified, sales-ready prospects and customers than on prospecting because Marketing generates leads, nurtures prospects, and builds loyalty. Working together, your team has mapped out and documented an effective marketing and sales process that produces results.
You are generating profitable growth, and your firm is more profitable and worth significantly more than competitor firms with similar revenue. You have a Marketing Edge.
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