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Thursday, 11 May 2017  |  Tuck Mixon

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Tuck Mixon and Terry Slattery Announce the Founding of Sales Hiring Experts

We founded Sales Hiring Experts because most companies continue to hire weak salespeople about half the time. These bottom 50% performers cost companies millions in lost revenue. Most companies do not use a proven process that enables them to hire top salespeople consistently.  It is not only possible to hire top salespeople consistently, it is relatively easy to learn and implement. Read more below and then register for this free webinar: Discover the Secrets of Hiring Top Salespeople

Weak Salespeople are Expensive and Frustrating

Strong sales forces win more business at better margins. Weak sales forces lose frequently, and losing is expensive. Weak salespeople frustrate their managers and waste company resources. If you've worked with or managed weak salespeople, you know about this frustration and lost revenue. Imagine what it would be like if your company only had strong salespeople.

One key part of building a strong sales force is hiring top salespeople consistently. Sales hiring is important because traditional sales hiring causes millions in lost revenue. Traditional sales hiring methods have a low success rate: typically 25% to 50%. A recent study of 50 sales forces *  showed that the top half of the sales force produces 159% of quota and the bottom half produced only 49%. For most companies, this means that hiring a weaker,  bottom 50% performer costs between $500,000 and $2,000,000 in revenue.

Top Salespeople Produce Millions More

We say a sales hire is a success when the person reaches the top half of the sales force within the first year of being hired. When all salespeople in the sales force are strong, a hire is a success when they meet yearly expectations and they stay with your company longer than average. It is possible to consistently hire salespeople that are Top 25% performers in that sales role. Because the Top 25% produce 209% of average revenue *, an excellent sales hiring process is worth millions to smaller companies and billions to larger ones.

Hire Top Salespeople Consistently

Sales Hiring Experts was founded by Terry Slattery of Slattery Sales Group and Tuck Mixon of Trinity Sales Partners. Our mission with Sales Hiring Experts is to help hundreds of companies hire top salespeople consistently. We committed to helping you and your company implement the best sales hiring process and make that process a habit for everyone that is involved. We’ve been helping clients do this for years, and the STAR hiring process we teach has proven to increase the sales hiring success rate to over 90%. STAR also saves time: up to 75% less time is required to attract, screen, interview, and hire salespeople.

Upgrade Your Sales Force with STAR

STAR works when you follow the process. The challenge for most companies is to get all the people involved in hiring salespeople to follow it. Instead of an intensive two-day workshop to learn STAR, Sales Hiring Experts teaches the STAR process over six weekly online workshops. Workshops are recorded, and everyone involved in hiring salespeople receives a 1-year membership with access to all the content. For busy people and growing companies with new managers, this format works better. Everyone involved learns and implements what really works, and your sales force gets stronger and stronger. In a few years, your revenue and profit per salesperson is likely to be 25% to 100% higher. Do the numbers for your business, and the value of implementing STAR is clear.

About Terry Slattery

Terry is one of the best at helping companies discover and articulate their competitive differentiation. Terry’s clients see better margins and significantly higher win rates – often from less than 25% to greater than 60%. Over the past 32 years, Terry has helped thousands of companies in hundreds of industries. You can learn more about Terry at Slattery Sales.

About Tuck Mixon

Tuck helps his clients grow and gain an advantage with their sales force. He helps turn salespeople from vendors into advisers and managers into coaches. Tuck made his first sale in 1985, and he began recruiting, hiring and leading sales forces in 1992. Tuck gets results: his clients win market share, grow faster than competitors, and earn better margins. You can learn more about Tuck at Trinity Sales Partners.

We invite you to register for our next webinar here: Discover the Secrets of Hiring Top SalesPeople

*InsightSquared sponsored a study of 50 growing sales forces. See the blog articles and videos on this site for more details.

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