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Saturday, 17 May 2008  |  Tuck Mixon

Trinity Marketing Systems announces STAR Salesperson Hiring Service

Hiring salespeople is risky because the salesperson failure rate is so high. Many companies report having to hire four people to find the one performer who will rise to the top half of the sales force within a year. This 75% failure rate is frustrating for many business owners, HR managers, sales managers, and Controllers. Given the high cost of a failed salesperson at between $50,000 to $500,000 in hiring, training, and lost sales, companies need a better process to hire salespeople.

Trinity uses this proven seven-step process to identify, attract, screen, qualify, interview, hire, and onboard top salespeople. While a breakthrough salesperson assessment makes this process possible, every step is important. Sales Talent Acquisition Routine, (STAR), was developed by Objective Management Group, Inc. CEO Dave Kurlan and other Sales Development experts. Clients use the routine with their OMG Express Screen license. The process saves time and money, and most importantly, it helps clients attract and select superior sales talent for their companies.

The process is time tested and proven. When followed, it helps CEOs, Presidents, Sales VPs, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the difficult task of understanding exactly how to identify, find, attract, interview, hire and retain top sales talent that will succeed at your company.

For larger companies that want to develop this expertise, Trinity offers a two day workshop to learn and implement this proven process. For companies that need to hire top salespeople but don't have either the volume or the desire to develop salesperson hiring expertise, Trinity performs this valuable service.

For more information on this process and why it works, get How to Hire Top Salespeople

You can also learn more at Hiring Struggling Salespeople?

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