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Friday, 31 October 2014  |  Tuck Mixon now forwards to We made this change to Trinity Sales Partners because it better reflects what we do for our clients. We are Trinity Sales Partners because we partner with owners, CEOs, and leaders who are committed to growing their business. You are a possible client when you recognize that what worked well in the past is not helping you meet today's sales challenges. Unfortunately for leaders that want to grow, many sales organizations, sales managers and salespeople are ineffective and unproductive. We help clients develop strong sales forces with effective salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders. We help you:

  • implement Better Ways to sell, market, prospect, manage, coach, hire, measure, structure, compensate, and lead your sales team
  • evaluate your salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders so you know where they are now and what they need to do to get better
  • train and develop salespeople to become better businesspeople; your salespeople transition from being reactive, product presenters to becoming proactive, customer focused, consultative salespeople that win more profitable customers more often.
  • train and develop your sales managers to become effective coaches; they transition from selling and commanding weaker salespeople to hiring, coaching and developing strong salespeople that are highly productive 
  • evaluate your sales strategies, systems, processes and structure and then implement effective ones that really work
  • structure the sales force and related departments so you can grow profitably.
  • hire stronger, more effective salespeople consistently and do it with less effort at lower cost than traditional sales hiring methods
  • use sales and marketing technologies to be more productive and effective. The best technologies actually get used and make a huge difference in your business

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