Customer Loyalty and Relationship Marketing Systems

If Referrals and Loyal Customers are Critical for Your Business...

The Loyalty Effect

In the business classic The Loyalty Effect, Frederick Reicheld details the benefits of loyal customers and employees. In general, companies with more loyal customers generate superior profits and growth. Depending on the industry, a 5 percentage point increase in customer retention increase the value of a customer from 25% to 95% or more. So hope your competitors are blissfully unaware of these powerful effects while you work on ways to increase loyalty and generate more referrals.

For Professional Services and many High Value Products, referrals are the main source of new clients. Surprisingly, some professionals do not culivate referrals proactively. And if they do, it is a manual process that reaches only a fraction of referral opportunities.  A better way is to automate referral generation with a Relationship Marketing System.

Proactive Referral System

  • A consistent referral system often produces a 25% increase in new business when part of a powerful client satisfaction sequence.

  • Our Sales Action Plans and automated system have helped many companies generate a referral customer from one out of four new customers.

  • When you have a consistent process that gives customers a great experience and then you ask for a referral, customers are happy to refer friends and associates.

Increased Sales to Customers

  • With a 60% to 70% success rate, sales to existing customers are the easiest, most profitable sales.

  • Regular communication with customers about additional products or services makes a huge difference in average revenue per customer.

  • Many businesses find they can increase this revenue by 20% or more by implementing the cross selling and up selling campaigns built into our Sales Action Plans.

  • With the probability of a sale to past customers at 20% to 40%, sales to past customers are up to eight times easier than sales to prospects.

  • Our Sales Action Plans contain powerful campaigns to help you get lost customers back, and these actions can increase sales by 5% or more.

Increased Sales to Customers can increase sales 25%

Customer Loyalty Advantage

  • Eliminate the 70% to 80% of customer defection caused by service issues.

  • We identify the problems that turn off customers and give you a proven system to develop loyal customers.

  • We turn the customer defection challenge into a customer loyalty advantage.

  • A 5% increase in Customer Retention can increase profits up to 95% because the cost to gain new customers is five times greater than the cost of retaining existing customers.

  • Companies with loyal customers grow twice as fast as average companies and five times faster than companies with negative customers.

A Customer Loyalty Advantage can increase sales 10%

Find out how a Relationship Marketing System can help you and your colleagues keep your message in front of potential customers … So that nobody falls through the cracks!

When you want to build relationships, "A good system beats good intentions every time". I hope you found this information relevant and helpful. I welcome your feedback.

Warmest Regards,


Tuck Mixon

Trinity Marketing Systems

P.S. How many of your friends and colleagues could benefit from a proven stay in touch system? We appreciate your referrals to colleagues who trust you. If you know people who might benefit from a system that helps them build relationships with prospects, please keep us in mind and send them to this site.

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