You Know there has to be a Better Way to Grow Your Business

You want to Find and Implement Better Ways to Grow

  • Better Ways to Sell Your Value - increase your Win Rate to 75% or higher

  • Better Ways to Prospect and Generate Leads - 2x to 3x more opportunities to sell in less time

  • Better Ways to to Hire Salespeople - hire effective sales people consistently... get a 90% + success rate

  • Better Ways to Train and Develop Salespeople - improve nearly every salesperson's effectiveness and they grow revenue from 33% to 100%

What Results Do Committed Leaders Produce?

  • Manufacturing Clients in mature industries have grown 20%, 30%, and 40% annually.

  • Technology Clients double their customer acquisition rate and move upmarket.

  • Distribution Clients grow 10% to 30% annually

  • One manufacturer with capacity tripled revenue to over $100,000,000

  • All Clients that develop a Sales Advantage gain market share profitably.

Why Do So Many Salespeople Struggle?

54% of Salespeople Scored Weak

Your competitors often have Weak salespeople and ineffective Sales Management. In fact, 54% of over 24,000 salespeople rated as Weak when evaluated with the leading sales assessment tool. So it's no surprise that for years, less than 60% of salespeople have made their number. In many sales forces, 20% to 50% of salespeople are really effective. There are many reasons why salespeople struggle, and the good news is that many of your people can produce like top performers, and your top performers can improve by 33% as well. Many double their business with effective sales training and coaching. In complex sales where value really matters, your sales force can become another source of competitive advantage. Thousands of salespeople in hundreds of industries have done it. Your competitors' Weak sales force is your opportunity to gain market share with a Strong sales force

Discover and Implement Better Ways to Win More Profitable Customers


  • Selling is much more difficult today, and sales leaders need to help their teams adapt to this new reality.

  • Why do so many sales leaders struggle to make their sales force more effective? (Over 11,000 sales force evaluations reveal huge sales challenges.) 

  • How effective are your Salespeople and your Sales Managers? Often, 50% of salespeople struggle. Results from over 1.4 million assessments on candidates and employees show that 14% to 26% of salespeople rate as Strong or Elite, and only 17% of Sales Managers rate as Strong!

  • You can improve your sales force's effectiveness. Your salespeople can go from being Vendors that pitch and propose to respected Advisors that sell consultatively and win. Your sales managers can go from bosses that tell and sell to Coaches that coach, develop, motivate, and challenge.


 Implement Systematic Prospecting

  • Most salespeople do not prospect enough and their Managers do not hold them accountable for Prospecting consistently. 

  • How many of your salespeople do not have enough Prospects and Opportunities in their pipeline?

  • Salespeople need to prospect more and to get better at prospecting. Too many good opportunities are missed completely.

  • How much time is being wasted on inefficient, ineffective Prospecting? 

If your salespeople don't have the time, the skills, the beliefs, or the habits to prospect effectively, don't give up. You can double or triple the results you are getting now, and if you are not doing much, then know that you can do it cost effectively and you can implement many proven approaches quickly. Let's discuss how your Prospecting is working and see if we can help you.

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How to Double or Triple Prospecting Results 

Hire Effective Salespeople Consistently

  • How much is sales force turnover and under achievement really costing you? (It is usually in the millions or billions.)
    Quantify the Cost of Your Sales Duds            
  • Are ALL of your salespeople making quota?      Free Sales Force Grader             
  • Is hiring salespeople risky and inconsistent, or do you have a proven salesperson hiring process that  insures you hire top performers? 

  • See how proven tools and an easy to implement sales hiring process will help you hire top salespeople more than 90% of the time.

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How to Hire Top Salespeople

Provide Compelling Value Customers Really Want

  • Are you attracting and winning profitable customers, or do you look just like other vendors to your prospects?
  • Do you know what your customers and prospects really want?
  • Do your products or services offer compelling value to your customers?

If you don't provide compelling value to customers and prospects, you often compete on price to win and keep customers. Discounting kills your margins and damages your reputation.

Implement Leadership and Management Practices that Really Work

  • Good leaders often realize that while they have grown and been profitable, continued growth will be a challenge without a better system for managing growth. 

  • For the sales force, this means coaching, accountability, motivating, and hiring top talent consistently.

  • For the Leadership Team, this means a Vision, Strategy, and Plan that you execute successfully.

We often help clients implement these practices as part of developing a Sales Advantage because top sales people revolt when the rest of the company has issues. We partner with leading EOS Implementers and family business Advisors to help your Sales Advantage lead to multiple competitive advantages. In all cases, the number one reason for the success or failure of these initiatives is the Leadership Team's commitment to making these initiatives successful.

The digital revolution is forcing changes in markets and in buyer behavior. Selling is much more challenging than before the financial crisis; today's effective salespeople are credible, trusted, and more consultative. You can use these changes as an opportunity to transform the way you sell, prospect, organize, hire, and lead your sales force. Rather than business as usual, now is the time to find Better Ways to overcome your challenges. If market turmoil is forcing you to find better ways to win and keep good customers, take a moment now to learn how you can attract, win, and grow more profitable customers. We help business leaders find and implement Better Ways to grow with profitable customers.

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