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  1. Strategic Sales and Marketing 

  2. Relationship Marketing Systems

  3. Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation 

Strategic Marketing and Sales Solutions

  • Customer Focused Value Proposition Development

  • Strategic Market Research and Buying Process Profiling

  • Aligning Sales and Marketing for Accountability and Results

Customer Focused Value Proposition Development

Eskimos don't want ice, and customers don't want products or services that don't meet their needs or wants. A top salesperson may be able to sell ice to an eskimo, but the eskimo is not likely to buy again, and the top salesperson is likely to leave for a company that provides real value to its customers. If you don't know what is really important to your targeted customers, or if your message is about you, your product or your company, most prospective customers ignore your sales and marketing.

You need a compelling, customer focused value proposition if your business:

  • struggles to attract, win or keep good customers

  • resorts to discounting to win customers

  • suffers from lower margins than industry leaders

Tuck Mixon and his partners can help you develop a compelling, customer focused value proposition that becomes the foundation for generating profitable growth. We do the research to help you know what your target customers really want, and then we help you develop your value proposition. Because implementation is critical, we also work with your marketing and sales teams to implement this proven strategy.

Imagine your business with a value  proposition that enables you to attract, win, and keep profitable customers. Your margins are now above your industry average because customers gladly pay for your superior value. Furthermore, your sales and marketing expenses are lower than average because your sales and marketing are so much more efficient and effective. You did not stop at improving your value proposition, you also improved your sales force and your marketing. How much faster are you growing, how many more profitable customers do you have, and what are you doing with all the cash the company now generates?

Not sure if your Value Proposition is both compelling and customer focused? Assess Your Value Proposition

Strategic Market Research and Buying Process Profiling

Years ago, Business to Business Marketing used to mean advertising, PR, trade shows, and brochures. Then consumer direct marketing princples came to B to B, and Marketing began to find additional ways to generate leads. Direct mail, newsletters, surveys, audios, videos telemarketing, teleseminars, and live events became  proven lead generators. Then the internet arrived, and email, webinars, white papers, ebooks, websites, SEO, PPC, industry sites and social sites gained prominence. Today, the web has changed customer buying processes, and most sales and marketing organizations are playing catch up. If you don't have an effective web presence, most potential customers will never know you exist.   

Tuck Mixon and his partners can help you get "Tuned In" to your market, your target customers, and their buying process. This critical knowledge enable you to:

  • improve your value proposition,
  • eliminate problems that cost you customers,
  • develop new products and services,
  • go to market with an effective strategy and tactics

If you're wondering if you can skip this part, ask yourself if you are willing to struggle in these challenging times. If you are not, contact us, and if we're not the right ones to help you, we'll refer you to someone who can.

Want to know how your Marketing ranks? Assess Your Marketing here, and Get Your Marketing Score immediately via email.

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Fix Follow Up Failure and Produce Results

Technology gives you the ability to hold people accountable and more effectively measure results. More importantly, it helps solve the follow up problem. Marketing may be generating leads, but who is following up? Salespeople often claim the leads from Marketing are not qualified, so:

Leads either don't get any follow up (40% to 80% get zero follow up), or salespeople drop leads after an attempt or two.

It's typical for a sales organization to pursue only 3% of leads. Meanwhile, 80% of the 97% that get dropped will eventually buy from someone. Sales wants hot leads. Sales and Marketing need to work together to agree on the criteria for a Sales-Ready lead, and they need to agree on who is responsible for working the lead. Automated Systems enable you to stay in touch with and educate the other 97%.

Trinity Marketing Systems and its partners help clients implement Relationship Marketing Systems that generate, nurture, and score leads. Trinity can act as your Marketing Partner to deliver Sales-Ready leads to your sales force. We write the campaigns and the content, and we implement your system within a few weeks of getting started. In a few months, your pipleline of qualified opportunities swells. Salespeople spend more time winning new customers and less time hunting for hot ones. More about Relationship Marketing Systems, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing.

Relationship Marketing Systems

Because people are more likely to buy from those they trust, believe, and find credible, Relationship Marketing works. Relationship Marketers recognize that people are skeptical and are not ready to buy now. Good marketeers know buying is an emotional decision that we justify with logic. People are busy, and they don't have forever to learn all the details about all the alternatives available. People take shortcuts like asking friends or trusted advisors. They see who else is using the product or service and if they are happy. 

Sometimes called drip marketing or Nurture Marketing, Relationship Marketing nurtures prospects and customers and solves the problems of follow up failure and customer neglect. Relationship Marketing produced the following results accordind to a Microsoft study:

  • 306% increase in qualified leads
  • 25% increase in customer retention
  • 260% revenue increase

Who needs a Relationship Marketing System?

  • Any company with a sales force is a natural fit for a Relationship Marketing System.
  • Professional Services firms dependent on referrals and tired of feast and famine revenue cycles also need to implement a Relationship Marketing System.

If you have more than a handful of customers, prospects, and contacts, the business case for Relationship Marketing is compelling. You can implement simple, online systems focused on eliminating follow up failure and identifying interested prospects, and you can implement more comprehensive systems that map the whole Customer Relationship Lifecycle, have powerful reporting capabilities, and enable email, fax, and letter communications. We can help you pick the system that's right for your situation, and we're experts at building and writing campaigns that work. If you want to know even more about Relationship Marketing Systems, go to our interactive webBrochure at

Want to know how your Marketing ranks? Assess Your Marketing here, and Get Your Marketing Score immediately via email.

Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Marketing Automation  

For B to B companies looking for a Marketing Partner, we've combined forces with a proven lead generation firm whose clients include IBM, 3M, and Wells Fargo. We're providing an outsourced Marketing Automation Service that includes

  • lead generation
  • lead management
  • lead nurturing
  • lead scoring...

and more. The purpose is to prevent lead follow up failure and drive revenue and improve accoutability  instead. This service can be exclusively online or we can combine online demand generation with proven offline activities that generate leads and build relationships. 

Assess Your Marketing

Want to know how your Marketing ranks? Assess Your Marketing here, and Get Your Marketing Score immediately via email.

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