Secrets of Tuned In Leaders

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Secrets of Tuned In Leaders: How technology company CEOs create success (and why most fail)

  • tuned in companies are 31% more profitable,[1]
  • twice as fast to bring products to market,
  • twice as likely to lead, [2] and
  • enjoy 20% higher customer satisfaction rates. [3]

"We also found there is a much more fundamental reason for product failure than features and price. We've surveyed our 45,000 alumni at 3,000 companies and compiled data for the past five years."

You'll learn the seven secrets distilled from their work with 30 CEOs from both thriving and struggling companies.

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[1] Derived from George S. Day and Prakash Nedungadi, “Managerial Representations of Competitive Advantage,” Journal of Marketing 58 (April 1994): 40
[2] SoftwareMinds Best Practices report. © 2004.
[3] Summarized from Pragmatic Marketing’s interviews with 30 technology CEOs
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